Looking for the fastest Joomla template? Afterburner is fast, fully featured and FREE!

Speed Optimised + SEO Optimised + Beautiful Design + Fully Featured + Free!


Fastest Joomla Template

Performance is a key aspect of Afterburner, using techniques such as a single image and compressed css, to make the theme the fastest Joomla template ever!

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Search Engine Optimised

Refined layout that places the main column first in the source, meaning it is crawled by Google first, perfect for search engine optimisation purposes.

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Light & Dark Variations

8 distinct inbuilt style variations, Light and Dark, to maximise the possibilities when using the Afterburner template. All Controllable by template manager parameters.

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Mootools Exclusion

The theme has a built in option to disable the mootools.js file that is loaded by Joomla as standard. This removes a 70KB file from load time resulting in greater performance.

Browser Compatibility

Cross browser consistency is core to any template. Afterburner is compatible with all major and modern browsers: FF3.5, Safari 4, Opera 9.6 & IE6, 7, 8.

W3C Compliance

XHTML and CSS validation, in relation to W3C, is important in any theme as to ensure maximum compatibility. Afterburner is fully XHTML and CSS valid.